Cup Therapy

In cup therapy, special cups are used to apply a decompression force to an area of the body that is experiencing limited range of motion or pain due to trigger points in the muscle. A vacuum effect is created with the cups that elevates the soft-tissues beneath it, causing increased blood flow and nutrient exchange and allowing the tissues to move more freely after therapy is complete.

What to Expect

The affected area will be draped appropriately. Lotion is then applied to increase comfort, and the cups are placed using a device that creates a vacuum. Clients may experience sensations of tightness or pulling; however, cup pressure will not be set past the client’s comfort level. The client will then be asked to perform certain simple motions. After therapy, clients normally experience an area of discoloration at the site of cup placement. The discoloration should disappear in 5-7 days.

Session Options

Cup therapy can easily be incorporated at the end of an Active Release Techniques® session with no extra charge. However, stand-alone cup therapy sessions are available. The initial session lasts 30 minutes, and most subsequent sessions last just 15 minutes.

What to Wear

Active wear is preferable for all therapy sessions. With cup therapy, it is sometimes necessary to remove clothing. Draping sheets will be used in those situations.

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