The Sciatic Nerve: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Wait a second, that’s not how the saying goes. Who switched it?!? If only it could speak up for itself, maybe it wouldn’t be the subject of so much ridicule. Because, to be honest, in the world of soft-tissue pain, the sciatic nerve gets more than its fair share of unjust accusations. Really, I thinkContinue reading “The Sciatic Nerve: Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

Muscle Pain, Go Away

I was chatting with a client the other day, and she made a remark about how when she goes to the doctor, a lot of different health issues are talked about, but there’s rarely anything said about muscles and other soft-tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves). Sure, the doc is concerned about your overall weight andContinue reading “Muscle Pain, Go Away”

The clothes make the athlete. If only it were so simple…

You’ve done it. You know you have. Justified the purchase of new athletic clothes or gear by telling yourself that you’ll be more consistent with training or be able to finish faster simply because your outfit is awesome or you have the latest workout gadget. But in reality, how much will that purchase actually affect yourContinue reading “The clothes make the athlete. If only it were so simple…”